Image Nedyalko Nedyalkov was born in 1970 in the village of Konush, Haskovo district in a family with a long musical tradition. It was in his early years that his interest in music was awakened and he ventured his first steps at playing a musical instrument – he started with the accordion.  At the age of seven he entered the Children’s Music School in Haskovo.  Later on, he switched to playing the kaval  and applied for the famous Folk Music School in the city of Shiroka Laka.
During the years of training at that school he developed his kaval skills and technique and showed himself as a performer one can count on. In 1989 he was graduated with high honors from the Music School and admitted to the Plovdiv Musical Academy. At the Academy Nedyalko was seen as an excellent performer and was invited to be the soloist of the Representative Folk Orchestra of the Academy. In addition, he participated in many other and diverse music formations.
Nedyalko holds the 1986, 1988, and 1990 First Prize Awards from the National Competition for Young Performers held in Pleven.  He is also the laureate holding the Young Performer Special Award at the National Folk Music Meeting in Stambolovo in 1990.
During the 1994-1996 period he was a soloist of the Pazardzhik ensemble and Shopski ensemble.
In 1996 Nedyalko joined the famous Folk Orchestra of the Bulgarian National Radio as a Soloist where he plays to this day.
In 1998 on the USA market an album came out by the name of “Thracian Rhapsody” which he recorded together with Ivo Papazov, Yilduz Ibrahimova, Stoyan Yankulov
During the fall of 1999 Nedyalko took part in the “Farmers Market” project together with Bulgarian and Norwegian musicians. During that same year Nedyalko took part in the famous Irish show “River Dance” project, together with his colleagues – Georgi Petrov, Angel Dimitrov, Peyo Peev, Tima Nedyalkova, Nadya Dimitrova and others.
Then follow numerous projects,  2002 – “Grupa Maistori”, 2003 – Hichiria, 2004 – “The art of Kaval”, 2007 – Ikadem, 2008 “Traces of Thrace”, Fraser Fifield Band and others.
In 2002 Nedyalko is invited by “Organisation internationale de la Francophonie” to participate in the "Musiques Francophones" project. The project included many live performances in Lebanon, and a CD from the gala night at Beirut.
Apart from the concert and club performances and recording activities in Bulgaria, Nedyalko has a number of performances in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Scandinavian countries, USA, Japan and others.
Nedyalko has been teaching at numerous seminars for Bulgarian and Balkans music held at Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria and USA.
He has also performed together with numerous bands and musicians, such as “Nedyalko Nedyalkov Quartet”, “Kaba horo”, ”Akritiko trio”, ’’ChalgaBand”, “Balarom trio”,’’Petar Ralchev Quartet”, Vladimir Karparov, Stian Carstensen, Ross Daly, Nenad Vasilic ,Nicolas Hauzeur, Georgi Andreev, the Big Band and the Symphony orchestra at the „Bulgarian National Radio“ and others.
Nedyalko also took part in film music projects together with Milcho Leviev, Antoni Donchev, Stefan Valdobrev and others.
With his kaval, he has accompanied some of the most famous Bulgarian singers, such as Lili Ivanova, Nedyalka Keranova, Diana Dafova, Mariana Popova, Gloria, Slavka Kalcheva, Kostadin Gugov and others.
During the summer of 2009 Nedyalko was invited to take part in a number of projects of the world famous musician Jordi Savall and  ensemble Hespèrion XXI.
At these projects, Nedyalko not only shows up as a great kaval performer, but also as an author of many of the instrumental pieces. This work showed his excellent sense of art proportion and musical line development. His improvisations are perfect with respect to the melody line, modulation and the  transitions between them.