Review of Professor Milcho Vasilev

Image"I can categorically declare that Nedyalko Nedyalkov is one of the best kaval players of our time. After learning from the famous teachers Dr. Karanchanski, N. Ganchev, St. Velichkov, M. Dobrev, T. Spasov as well as studying at the prestigious schools SMU Shiroka Luka and AMTII Plovdiv, he has reached his peak in this art. Now Nedyalko works as a solo kaval player in the orchestra for folk music at the Bulgarian National Radio, where he has an excellent opportunity to create and compose new and interesting works for kaval that definitively underscore his unique stylistic "calling card." I would like to emphasize his qualities as a performer and musician in a few brief strokes:

1. His perfect mastery of the kaval's various registers and his masterful use of them during the performance process.
2. His perfect mastery of various types of articulation characteristic for kaval – legato, staccato, non-legato, frolo and others.
3. The unproblematic use of various non-typical artistic means of expression during his playing – playing simultaneously in different registers, circular breathing, use of the so-called clarinet register and other sound effects.
4. Brilliant technique in virtuosic passages.
5. Perfect mastery of various kaval performance styles.

Besides his excellent qualities as a kaval player, Nedyalko Nedyalkov is also notable as the composer of many original instrumental pieces that he performs. In them one can see and sense his exceptional artistic judgment and his skill in developing a melody in a musical kolyano, or phrase. His improvisations are perfect with respect to melodic line, modulations and transitions between them.
I hoped to conduct this brief informal "musical analysis" of Nedyalko Nedyalkov's qualities as a performer because they are all demonstrated in the present CD, which appeared on the musical market – with a bit of a delay I might add from the point of view of musical specialists, who have long been waiting for it. All the pieces on the disc have been selected and arranged with a very high degree of professionalism and fine artistic judgment; in my opinion, the disc as a whole presents Nedyalkov as one of the kaval masters of our time. It is a great pleasure to listen to this artistic production, which in all its aspects characterizes the high contemporary level of kaval performance style.
I am pleased that young kaval players are learning from Nedyalko and vigilantly following all of his artistic appearances – both on stage and in the recording studio. Thus, I wish him the following: "Good health to you! Be bold, create music for the kaval, because people love you and want to see and hear you more often. Let this compact disc be the brilliant beginning of ever-new creative explorations. All the best!".

Professor Milcho Vasilev
Composer, conductor and head of the Musical Folklore Department at DMPI-Plovdiv